What Your Money Goes To!

I thought it would be nice for you to know what exactly your donations go to!

$1 Will water me for a day. (1.5 Litre water bottle)

$5 Will feed me for two days. (cooking for myself)

$10 Will house me for four days. (volunteer house)

$20 Will light, warm, bathe, and transport me for three days. (electricity, gas, water)

$50 Will feed me for two weeks. (very happy Julie)


How You Can Help

Hi everyone,

For those of you who don’t yet know, this summer I will be traveling to Cameroon for two months to work as an Environmental Educator at a small research organization called CAEPA (Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association) Cameroon. I will be staying right outside of Bamenda, which is located in the Northwestern English-speaking region.

Throughout my stay I will be traveling, with the help of my supervisor, to different communities, conducting surveys of family households on environmental challenges they face, their responses to these challenges, and how their livelihoods have been impacted. My supervisor and I will analyze these responses, and ultimately, present our findings and our suggestions for mitigation to stakeholders, which include the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, a city council delegate, and organizations working on environmental protection.

In order for me to participate in this incredible overseas opportunity, I am asking for your support. I am hoping to fund my cost of living in Cameroon through donations such as yours. This volunteering experience is necessary for me to complete my minor, Global Poverty and Practice, at UC Berkeley, and I cannot express how excited I am about this opportunity. My goal is to completely self-fund my trip this summer through grants, fellowships, and a little help from family and friends. Any amount of help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!