T- 7 Days Til Departure!

It is official! I am leaving for Cameroon next Monday at 7:01 AM from the San Francisco International Airport. Before I can arrive in Bamenda to meet my host family, I will be stopping in Newark, NJ, Brussels, Belgium, and Douala, the capital of Cameroon– a 25 hour ordeal in total. After a night at a Baptist Guest House in Douala I will then take an 8 hour bus ride with my supervisor Keghah, who is meeting me at the airport, and finally make it to Bamenda. Wahoo!

Right now I am in the craze of making sure I have everything together; the most difficult part has been figuring out what clothing to bring. I ended up buying my first suit and pair of slacks for my time with the Ministry of Environment and my first pair of hiking boots for all of the surveying in the villages! It is expected to be around 65 degrees and pouring rain in Bamenda, so we shall see how I fare :]

I must extend a huge thank you to the blessing and send off from Vally Presbyterian this morning at church. My family at VPC has been a phenomenal support system my entire life, and I am so happy to still be in their prayers. For those of you who don’t know, I will be visiting our sister church called Zang Tabi on the weekend of June 28-30th. Zang Tabi is a 30 minute drive from my place in Bamenda and became our sister village when Gideon Ticha and his family became members of our church in 2009 and introduced us to the community he grew up in, in Cameroon . I will be acting as a VPC ambassador in Zang Tabi and will bring good wishes from our church to the parents of Gideon Ticha, along with the entire community.

Other than that, I am very much looking forward to finally meeting my supervisor and starting my work! Thank you for all your good wishes and I can’t wait to give you an update at an internet cafe in Bamenda next week!



One thought on “T- 7 Days Til Departure!

  1. Safe travel Julie. Thanks for taking us on your journey. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.

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