I have arrived!

7:44am Douala, Cameroon

I have arrived! Well, almost. I am in Douala, the capital and money capital of Cameroon. What I mean by money capital is that everything is heftily more expensive than it will be in Bamenda. I still managed to buy a 1 dollar dinner last night though. Today I embark on a 6 hour bus ride crossing three different territories in Cameroon, there are 10 total. My final destination will be the north-west region. Cameroon, according to the locals, is Africa in miniature, because it has all of the different types of wilderness and landscapes in one country. Actually when I first entered into the taxi with Keghah at the airport he boasted this fact to me. On my drive to the Baptist Guest House there were men pushing rugs on the road, a cow that slowed our way, and countless motorcyclists that zigzagged their way through. Keghah has immediately given me the impression that he is a serious man, incredibly dedicated and passionate for his work. Although his accent and colloquial terms form a language barrier at times, I am sure that after a week it won’t be an issue anymore. Updates on my work, we discussed our 7 week plan for our research and I found out that although we will be working together, I will be taking the lead on the project! After my initial freak out in my head he reassured me that he will be with me every step of the way, but he really wants me to have the opportunity to learn. Many more updates to come, and pictures, but now it is time for breakfast!


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