July 1st- July 3rd

July 1st- Creatures of the night!

I dedicate this day to Rocky Horror Picture Show, since I was visited by the creatures of the night last night. These lovely creatures were mice that attacked the granola bars I brought here. I must say that waking up to the sound of crunching when you are alone in a pitch dark room is one of the most unsettling things. Luckily I was able to clear out all of the food/smelly vitamins and medicines I have in my room and put them in the Mama’s cupboard. Boy am I glad we don’t deal with this many mice at home! Mama Regina said she killed two yesterday, but they are way too quick for me to get!

July 2nd- The dumping site.

At the beginning of my work day, Nicoline and I went with one of the students from Mbelwa, Flenbel, to visit the dumping site up the road. It took us 20 minutes to walk up there. Along the way we passed many Muslim herders who use the hills for cattle grazing. When we got close to the site the smell was putrid and we were immediately attacked by flies. The government does no treatment on the waste before dumping, and they did not even dig a pit to put it in, they just pile it up in a clearing. The heavy rains wash down a lot of the waste into the bush polluting the streams some families drink from. As for the trucks that carry the trash, they are incredibly loud, destroy the road, and dump waste on their way up. I see about a truck an hour and have to wait until it passes to be able to ask my next question because they are so loud.





July 3rd- Lots of work.

Today we were blessed with a sunny morning and I was able to talk with 12 different families. I was out in the field from 9-2 and didn’t get back home until 2:15, when I was finally able to grab lunch. I am getting quite good at holding out on food! I will be finishing with the first community tomorrow and will turn in my preliminary report to my advisor on Friday so that we can start talking about potential solutions to the problems I have recorded. 




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